give durability to your outdoor living space !

Choose your terrace structure type to suit your requirement

Double Structure

For bare ground, unstable, high elevation gain, on concrete platform or PVC and foundation screw

Structure de terrasse C35

For installation on concrete platform, low height, creation or renovation of terrace


Download our digital brochure

For more detail, consult or download our presentation brochure about our Structure technology for wooden; composite and ceramic slab terrace.

High-end technology

Improved by Zinc magnesium protection,
our structure give endurance against external attacks
Up to 10 times better than galvanized steel.

Recommended for corrosive environments installation
(poolside, marine tropical climate),
it is the only Terrace with 10 years guarantee.

Logevity of wooden terrace

By blocking rising humidity, structure give the wooden decking a permanent ventilation, and lasting stability for our work (DTU51.4 – 10 years guarantee)


increase your possibilities of choice,
our technologie fit to
all types coating :

  • wooden coating : (20 to 32 mm thickness)
  • major brands of composite
  • Ceramic tiles (20 mm rectified , type EN1339) : straight line or in staggered rows installation, all formats

To realize your landscaping project


Thanks to our interactive calculator,
Easy budget estimation for your future terrace !
Our technical service will accompagny you throughout your project,
rom the ordering of your structure to the installation tips.

Ready to use terrace

You want to enjoy a new living space.
without go thought "sunday craft" step ?
Closest to you, call one of our
Certified installer, formed to our installation technique of our structure.